Spanish photography culture

The art of defining a picture as they say, “ A picture speaks more than thousand words.” Taking up a photography course or the art of defining a photograph can vary from a large range of variations from the basic rule of thirds. The line rules, that is focusing all lines towards the main object. The sub category might change but the basic rules and principle stay the same. When it comes to Spanish photography there’s always one thing that incurs that is the culture intake. Today one is truck by the innovative and intense expression of contemporary Spanish photography which reflects the radical development that has taken place in Spain. It can be recognized at just a glimpse…

The sociocultural movement La Movida released a wave of suppressed creativity and tested the boundaries of freedom. Spanish photography is still outstanding.  In just a few decade, a closed society has been transformed into a multifaceted country in which contemporary culture enjoys a strong position. A present famous photographer says, “the mechanisms of deception through photographic manipulation is one of the best art work that someone can produce” He himself says that his work is intended as a kind of vaccine against excessive realism of photography.

Rising star Javier Vallhonrat says: “I think the world holds many secrets, we are very mysterious creatures in a mysterious world, though some endeavors to dream that everything is in wikipedia and in the end we will believe that the reality is that it fits in google. So I like that all the photos that interest me look bad on the internet”. As a matter of fact, the development and progression of selecting a scene frame has drastically changed due to the showcasing platforms. The new changes have been adopted quickly and ever expanding ideas are in place.