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Make the Most of your Trip to Spain

Photographer who love to travel enjoy some of the best opportunities to take stellar photos of new places, new people, and new cultures. They see the world not only from a tourist’s eyes but from those of a creative. That is why, photographers need to know what they should focus on while they are in a country like Spain so they don’t miss out on all the great photos they can take during their vacation.

Catch the Golden Light

If you are a sound sleeper, make it a habit to wake up an hour before dawn prior to traveling to Spain. This time slot, the Golden Hour, is pretty much the best you can utilize to take stellar landscape photos. Sure, you can benefit from the golden hour in the evening too, but at that time you’ll also have to deal with other tourists and people in the way of your shots. So wake up early, and capture the beauty of Spain while it bathes in the beautiful golden light.

Change Your Perspective

A great way to take travel photos is to try a new visual perspective. For example, you could try taking street shots with a wide angle lens, from the lower viewpoint than usual to create very dynamic photos.

Or you could take photos of the colorful city as it reflects in moving water with a slow shutter speed, creating something akin to a watercolor painting. Try capturing photos from different angles and show the beauty of the country in a new way.

Experiment with Style

The same photograph can be perceived very differently depending on what kind of visual style it has. Don’t stick to taking normal, realistic photos. Sometimes adding a bit of drama to your shots with a different photographic style or using a colored filter in front of your lens can lead to the creation of unique images.

Another technique you could try is HDR photography. Other than well-exposed and detailed, HDR photos can also look very rustic looking photos. Click here to learn a little more about HDR photography if you’re interested in exploring this photographic style.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you get better pictures of Spain, or whichever country you’re planning to visit and allow you to showcase it from your personal perspective.